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About us

We all wish and need to have easy and continuous access to clean and healthy drinking-water. Growing more and more environmentally conscious, we must take into consideration the fact that as a result of our activities we are responsible ofcleaning and recycling the wastewater we create. The HWTC’s goal is to build modern water and wastewater treatment systems worldwide following standards of the European Union. We can supply all-round solutions both for municipalities and for various industries, from technological design, through manufacturing to complete installation, start-up and commissioning. We implement our technologies according to our customer’s requirements with the help of our own development and design department. Our experts are dedicated to developing innovative solutions and responding to technological challenges.

The range of our activities is extremely wide. We can implement the following systems:

  • Drinking-water treatment systems from small settlements up to the largest cities, including conventional or the most modern ultrafiltration technology.
  • Technological water supply systems for different industries, e.g. chemical, oil, pharma, textile, food & beverage industry.
  • Membrane separation systems including sea/brackish water treatment with reverse osmosis (SW/BWRO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), micro filtration (MF), electro deionisation (CEDI), membrane degasification (MC) technologies.
  • Seawater desalination systems for production of drinking-water, irrigation water, process water.
  • High purity water production systems for power plants, for the electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

The construction activities cover the wide range of plumbing works both in terms of materials and diameters. We are able to provide piping systems with diameters ranging from a couple of millimetres to several meters. Moreover we have the capacity to cover various environmental protection tasks in hydromechanics and building reinforcement through concrete structures as well. Regarding drinking water works we have references both in building structures and water towers. As for professional personnel as well as the building frame technology we have the ability to carry out civil engineering tasks and reinforced concrete works of various basins. The same can be said about our nature preservation projects where we build floodgates and sluices. We have built basins for wastewater treatment plants in several large cities.

In recent years, it has been a requirement for several projects to reach zero pollution in wastewater treatment and use wastewater as an energy source. We are able to produce biogas and methane, which can be used as electrical energy within the plant, therefore lowering our consumption from the grid, or as biofuel for our vehicles. The remaining sewage sludge can be used in agriculture after being composted.

Our electrical and control software solutions ensure that operating different technological equipment becomes reliable and constant. Our services cover the entire scale of electric and automation fields which are related to execution and construction work: energy provision, small, medium and high voltage electricity distribution, electrical cabling and installation, photovoltaic systems, interior and exterior lighting systems, alarm and signalling systems, field instrumentation and sensors, process control, remote surveillance, communication and IT solutions.

Our SCADA software, technical information system, portal based information system, HMI and communication software can be used in different industries such as in the fields of water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas exploitation and processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage industries and in any other unit production. It is an important for us to highlight the aspect that we are continuously developing our software with high capacities and we prepare them for the treatment of the most modern info-communicational technologies. Our aim is the following: we would like to make our partners feel that process controlling has never been more transparent and easier to use, despite the use of more and more complex technical systems.

High quality is important for us, which is why we pay special attention to proper technology design and precise documentation. Besides quality, our aim is to reach the lowest possible operating cost and to minimize pollutant emissions through the incorporation of energy recovery systems, with a low amount of chemicals under proper instrumentation integrated into a widespread automatization.

HWTC is your reliable partner in the implementation of water projects!









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HWTC Hungarian Water Technology Corporation Ltd. was established in 2015 by Szabadics Civil Engineering and Construction Plc., Hidrofilt Water Treatment Ltd. and Controlsoft Ltd. following the successful implementation of a number of joint projects.