Foundation of Hungarian Watertechnology Corporation was done by Szabadics Civil Engineering and Construction Plc.Hidrofilt Water Treatment Ltd.and Controlsoft Ltd. following a number of projects had been implemented jointly.

Design and complet implementation of:

  • drinking water treatment plants
  • domestic wastewater plants / sewage treatment
  • membrane desalination plants
  • recycling technologies for industrial wastewater

Turnover of 2015:              86 million EUR
Manpower of 2015:           288 employee

References of 2015-2014:

  • > 40 drinking water treatment plants - > 45 million EUR
  • > 45 wastewater plants - > 56 million EUR

Subsidiaries: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Georgia, Sri Lanka

Szabadics Civil Engineering and Construction Plc.

  • Water-intake plants
  • Construction and reconstruction (without uncovering) of utility pipelines
  • Flood protection, dredging
  • Hydro technical constructions (reservoirs, water towers)
  • Storm water treatment (drainage, storage, settling)
  • Fire water systems (networks, reservoirs)
  • Construction and renovation of civil engineering structures
  • Solving geotechnical problems (erosion prevention, retaining walls, mass stabilisation)

Hidrofilt Water Treatment Ltd. 

  • Design and implementation of water treatment systems (drinking water, soft water, demineralized water, technological pure water, ultrapure water, purified and highly purified water production for use by the general public and industry.)
  • Mobile, water treatment equipment installed in containers
  • Leachate water treatment of waste disposal sites
  • Iron, manganese, arsenic, nitrite, boron and organic matter content removal, salt content reduction
  • Membrane separation (SWRO, RO, NF, UF, CEDI, MC technologies)

Controlsoft Ltd. 

  • Technological process control ( SCADA, webSCADA, Technical Information System, Portal-based Information System)
  • Design, production, installation and commissioning of electric networks and electric distributors of 0,4 kV – 10 kV)
  • Electric installation for industrial purposes (for sport facilities, factories, production plants, power plants)
  • Expansion, operation and maintenance of street lighting networks, decorative lighting networks
  • Alarm systems, fire alarm systems and access control systems
  • Industrial process control:
    • Planning, production and installation of PLC cabinets
    • PLC programming
    • Process control system (SCADA) programming
  • Process instrumentation
  • Full implementation of the integrated plant control system
  • Software development:
    • SCADA system
    • Technical information system
    • Portal based information system
  • Design and production of unique electronics
  • Maintenance, system monitoring, operation