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All services under one roof

                                                                   Project management
                                                                   Expertise - Professionalism – Integrity

                                                                   Technology provision
                                                                   General contracting
                                                                   Project implementation according to FIDIC contracts

                                                                   Creativity – Precision – Innovation

                                                                   Complete construction, technological, mechanical,
                                                                   electrical and control engineering design
                                                                   • Licensing
                                                                   • Production plans
                                                                   • Construction plans

                                                                   Efficiency – Quality – Customized

                                                                   Manufacturing of customized treatment technologies
                                                                   and containerized mobile water treatment systems
                                                                   • Stainless steel workshop with electropolishing
                                                                   • Equipment assembly plant
                                                                   • Plastic tank manufacturing and cutting workshop
                                                                   • Electrical assembly workshop

                                                                   Project implementation

                                                                   and commissioning
                                                                   Flexibility – Professionalism – Security

                                                                   Delivery, installation, testing and optimization of the
                                                                        various equipment making up the water treatment
                                                                   Operator training

                                                                   HidroWell mobile water treatment

                                                                   Compact – Mobile – Modular
                                                        PLUG AND
                                                                   Water treatment systems in standard containers with
                                                                   quick set-up and easy transport, specifically designed
                                                                   for different fields of application

         6        Your reliable partner in the implementation of water projects!
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