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                                                              Membrane separation systems

                                                              Reverse osmosis desalination /RO, DPRO, SWRO, STRO/
                                                              Nanofiltration /NF/
                                                              Ultrafiltration /UF/
                                                              Microfiltration /MF/
                                                              Membrane degassing equipment /MC/
                                                              Electrodeionization equipment /CEDI/
                                                              Membrane bioreactors /MBR/
                                                              Membrane cleaning systems /CIP/
                                                              Electrodialysis systems /ED, EDR/
                                                              Advanced membrane technology /FO/ FO/

                                                              Ion exchange systems

                                                              Softeners /SAC/
                                                              Carbonate removers /WAC/
                                                              Complete desalination /SAC, SBA/
                                                              Mixed-bed desalination /MX/
                                                              Condensate treatment systems
                                                              Organic scavenger resins
                                                              Selective ion exchangers, heavy metal removers
                                                              Nitrate, boron and fluoride content reduction

                                                              Industrial media filtration systems

                                                              Gravitational and pressurized multimedia filters /RGF, MMF/
                                                              Activated carbon filters /CF/
                                                              Iron and manganese removal /AMF/
                                                              Arsenic removal
                                                              Coagulation filters /Hidrobead/

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