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HidroWell© mobile water treatment plants

        Compact    Small footprint, optimal space utilization  HidroWell-A2 mobile drinking water treatment plants
                                                               for well water
        Mobile     Simple transportation, as the containers are
                   standardized for marine transport           Fully automated systems for reduction of iron, manganese,
                                                               arsenic and boron content.
        Modula     Capacity can be expanded by combining
                                                               More than 180 settlements / EU
                   several  containers
                                                               200 m /day MMF / AMF / AS
       Fast        Quick availability, applicable in crisis and  Kyrgyzstan, Iraq
                   disaster  situations                             3
                                                               200 m /day MMF / RO
       Intelligent   Fully instrumented, automated, integrated PLC,
                   remote monitoring system                    HydroWell-A3 mobile seawater desalination plants
        Economical    Directly from the supplier               Systems using ultrafiltration /UF/ and reversed osmosis

                                                               /SWRO/ including an energy recovery system and remote
        Reliable        Long product life ensured by premium quality
                   components.                                 monitoring.
                                                               Tunisia / EU • 50 m /day
        Efficient       Low energy consumption and operating costs

        Innovative    Alternative energy sources               HidroWell Mini
                                                               Pallet-sized, mobile water treatment system
                   /generator, solar panels/
                                                               that can be transported by helicopter or speedboat. It can
       Versatile        Ability to extend with bottled or packaged
                                                               also be widely used in disaster situations. A combined
                   water production system
                                                               system capable of producing drinking
                                                               water from surface water, well water and
       HidroWell-A1 mobile drinking water treatment plants
       for surface water
                                                               Office of Civil Defense
       Widely applicable mobile drinking water treatment units
                                                               (National Disaster Risk Reduction and
       with ultrafiltration technology.
                                                               Management Council) / Philippines
       EU / Peru / Cuba / Ecuador
                                                               Drinking water treatment capacity from
       200 m /day
                                                               sea water
                                                               50 m /day MMF / UF / SWRO
                                                               Drinking water treatment from well-water
                                                               and surface water
                                                               100 m /day MMF / UF

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