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Agriculture and food industry

                                                               Process and product water treatment, waste water
                                                               treatment for the food industry:
                                                                      • Dairy industry

                                                                      • Mineral water and soft drink production
                                                                      • Spirits and brewing industry
                                                                      • Vegetable oil and aroma production
                                                                      • Slaughterhouses and meat processing plants
                                                               Steam production for food industry
                                                               Food technology solutions:
                                                                      • Juice thickening using membrane technology

                                                                      • Removing color from sugar syrup
                                                               Cleaning and recycling of technological wastewater

                                                               Product and technological water for the pasteurization
                                                               process during the production of energy drinks.
                                                               Hell Energy Hungary Ltd. / Hungary - 365 m /h
                                                               Product and technological water for the pasteurization
                                                               process during beer production.
                                                               Dreher Breweries Plc. / Hungary - 100 m /h

                                                               Treatment of well water and implementation of technological
                                                               desalination systems for animal farms, slaughterhouses and
                                                               meat processing plants.
                                                               Bonafarm Group / Hungary - 182 m /h

                                                               Treatment of irrigation water, removal of sodium, desalination
                                                               Water treatment for aquaculture-based gardens and farms
                                                               Treatment of drinking water for animals

                                                               Water treatment for the production of pet food

                                                               Irrigation and feed-water production for greenhouse tomato
                                                               Greencoop Group / Slovakia - 30 m /h
                                                               Production of desalinated water and boiler feed water
                                                               treatment in pet foodproduction.
                                                               Piko-Pet Food Ltd. / Hungary - 20 m /h
                                                               Complex water treatment using surface water for starch
                                                               production. Treatment of cooling-cycle makeup water, boiler
                                                               feed water and technological water.
                                                               Viresol Ltd / Hungary - 100 m /h

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