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Pre- and post-treatment

        Chemical dosing stations, polyelectrolyte dissolving and dosing systems
        Clarifiers, homogenizers, settlers, plate settlers
        Multi-chamber reactors with inert material aid /IBS/
        Dissolved air flotation /DAF/
        Oil separators
        Neutralizing systems
        Plastic storage and buffer tanks for storing corrosive hazardous chemicals
        Gas scrubbers, degassers /DG/, vacuum degassers
        Pressurized and gravitational stainless steel tanks
        Stainless steel filter housings for bag, candle and cross flow filtration
        Evaporators, vacuum evaporators

        Sludge treatment

        Gravitational thickeners
        Dewatering equipment
        Filter presses

        Disinfection systems

        Chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide, hypochlorite feed stations, electro-chlorinators
        Ozone generators
        UV disinfection equipment
        Chemical and thermal sanitation equipment


        Oxidizing agents
        Reducing agents
        Flocculants and coagulants
        Conditioners for heating systems, boilers, steam generators
        Conditioners for closed and open cooling systems

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