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       Clean and healthy drinking water                         reliable and constant. Our services cover the entire scale of
                                                                electric and automation fields which are related to execution
       In the XXI. century all of us would like to have access, simply
                                                                and construction work: energy provision, small, medium and
       and directly, to clean and healthy drinking water. Due to our
                                                                high  voltage  electricity  distribution,  electrical  cabling  and
       environmental concern we must take into consideration the
                                                                installation,  photovoltaic  systems,  interior  and  exterior
       fact that, as a result of our activities, we are responsible to
                                                                lighting  systems,  alarm  and  signalling  systems,  field
       clean  and,  if  possible,  to  recycle  wastewater  having  been
                                                                instrumentation  and  sensors,  process  control,  remote
       created by us. The HWTC’s target is to build similar modern
                                                                surveillance, communication and IT solutions.
       water and wastewater treatment systems worldwide which
       are provided for the European Union.
                                                                High quality is important for us, which is why we pay special
                                                                attention  to  cutting-edge  technology  design  and  precise
       Innovation                                               documentation.  Besides  quality,  our  aim  is  to  reach  the
       Our experts are dedicated to developing innovative solutions   lowest possible operating costs and to minimize pollutant
       and responding to technological challenges.              emissions  through  the  incorporation  of  energy  recovery
                                                                systems, with a low amount of chemicals combined with high
       Our  electrical  and  control  software  solutions  ensure  that   quality  instrumentation  integrated  into  a  widespread
       operating  different  technological  equipment  becomes   automatization.

       HWTC Hungarian Water Technology Corporation Ltd. was established in 2015 by Szabadics Civil
       Engineering and Construction Plc., Hidrofilt Water Treatment Ltd. and Controlsoft Ltd. following
       the successful implementation of a number of joint projects.

         2        Your reliable partner in the implementation of water projects!
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