Hungarian Watertechnology Corporation

Improving the quality of drinking water in the Barcs region

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Civil works: 
In preparation for this project, close to 21,000 linear metres of water pipes were laid down and 124,665 linear metres of network pipes were cleaned.

Water treatment Technology:
The technology used in this project consisted of an ultrafiltration system (UF) allowing the removal of suspended solids, iron, manganese and ammonia from well water. The system was designed to yield drinking water as follows: Barcs - 3900 m3/day, Drávagárdony - 130 m3/day, Rinyaszentkirály - 50 m3/day

Automation and electrical work:
Integrated process control and automation system for the drinking water plant, using webSCADA software.

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    Europe / Hungary / Barcs
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  • Customer and operator
    Transdanubian Regional Waterworks Ltd. (DRV)
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HWTC Hungarian Water Technology Corporation Ltd. was established in 2015 by Szabadics Civil Engineering and Construction Plc., Hidrofilt Water Treatment Ltd. and Controlsoft Ltd. following the successful implementation of a number of joint projects.