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Controlsoft Ltd.

The Beginnings

CONTROLSOFT AUTOMATIKA LTD. was established in 1991 by Hungarian professionals, who had gained decades-long experience in the fields of electrical engineering and process control. The founders’ philosophy was to allow a wide range of users to access the opportunities that are provided by modern electrical and automation systems. The company continues to work along the same line of principles and it is 100%-owned by Hungarian individuals.

During the years after foundation, our company managed to gradually establish a wide-range portfolio, through which we have emerged as one of the most significant actors in the fields of industrial automation and process control. Our services primarily focus on the design and implementation of high-quality heavy and light current equipment, process control and surveillance systems.


Growth & Progress

During the early years of our operation, we focused among others on the control of industrial technological processes. We provided modern solutions in the fields of power supply, the control of electrical inlets, process control and system supervision of industrial technologies.

In the second half of the 90s, based on customer requirements, we expanded the scope of our activities with software development, during which we created an integrated information system that can cover the entire technical activities of different enterprises. In several sectors but especially in the case of water utility companies, our developed solutions can secure information processing that is related to production, the allocation and use of resources, quality assurance and environmental protection in a unified and platform-independent way.

Based on market requirements, we developed a webSCADA process control system that is built on open standards. Within a couple of years, our product has achieved a considerable success because our software offers a security that is similar to the closed-system applications that are used in large enterprises but at the same time it omits their unique and manufacture specific solutions that are very costly.

With our innovative and reliable systems, we managed to penetrate into several industrial and agricultural fields: water and wastewater treatment; environmental protection monitoring systems; automobile, oil and gas industry; airport control, district heating and hail damage repelling systems. Among our activities in addition to electrical general execution work, we also pay a special attention to software development and mechatronic services.

After the millennium, we expanded our scope of activities to international markets, the number of successful projects that have been implemented abroad is continuously increasing. As a main contractor and within the framework of international co-operations we have been present in ten countries.

Besides the professional activities, we also put a special emphasis on the business administration processes of our company, therefore we have been using a modern and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system since 2008.


Research and development

In collaboration with higher education institutions and other enterprises, we have participated in R&D projects several times. The most important special fields, where we have achieved a considerable success are the following: optimized control of technological processes, healthcare and sport informatics, research of web technologies, IT security, artificial intelligence.

Our company is a shareholder in a research institute that helps ICT (Information Communication Technology) companies with human resource training at university level and facilitates the direct transfer of new research results to the companies.


Contact details:

Controlsoft Automatika Ltd.
H-8200 Veszprém, Csillag u. 1.
Tel.: +36 88-576-100
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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HWTC Hungarian Water Technology Corporation Ltd. was established in 2015 by Szabadics Civil Engineering and Construction Plc., Hidrofilt Water Treatment Ltd. and Controlsoft Ltd. following the successful implementation of a number of joint projects.