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HWTC is highly active in the fields of research, development, and innovation. The development of unique, customized industrial wastewater treatment processes is one of our main strengths and missions.

In the various fields of industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, food production, automotive industry or even aviation HWTC has already run several R&D projects and constructed customized water treatment systems.

As a first step, a thorough consultation with our customers’ operative and technical representatives is carried out so as to have a common position and clear understanding of the actual challenges of the project in question.

Based on this preliminary information we provide theoretical and laboratory chemical analysis as well as on-site R&D activity with real samples as follows:

  • Laboratory and PILOT scale feasibility trials for developing BAT at our site, or on-site
  • Providing achievements in the form of a Feasibility Study as a technical paper
  • Commissioning of the water treatment plant
  • Evaluation and optimization of existing water treatment plant (revising chemical dosages, technological settings etc.)

Laboratory and on-site PILOT systems:

  • multimedia filters
  • ion-exchange processes
  • adsorption processes
  • coagulation and flocculation
  • chemical oxidation
  • membrane filtration such as microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration and organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN), reverse osmosis (RO), electrodialysis reversal (EDR), forward osmosis (FO), diffusive dialysis (DD)
  • membrane degassing with membrane contactor of packed columns

References of R&D projects:

  • development of real-time monitoring system for water treatment systems
  • development of high performance membrane processes for deep thermal well water at high temperatures (<80°C)
  • removal of BTEX from thermal spring water for thermal spas
  • removal of fluoride ion and AOX from industrial waste water effluent of aircraft maintenance workshops
  • removal of pigments as well as aqueous based solvents from paint booth shops
  • zero liquid discharge (ZLD) water treatment system for aircraft maintenance workshops
  • separation of organic constituents and calcium chloride from petrochemical industry effluents for recovery of calcium-chloride
  • recovery of nutrients from municipal anaerobe digests
  • recovery of starch from effluent waters in the food industry
  • recovery of inorganic acids such as sulfuric acid from galvanic baths and battery production










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HWTC Hungarian Water Technology Corporation Ltd. was established in 2015 by Szabadics Civil Engineering and Construction Plc., Hidrofilt Water Treatment Ltd. and Controlsoft Ltd. following the successful implementation of a number of joint projects.