Municipal drinking water quality improvement and water supply development in the service area of Zalavíz Ltd.

Implementation of a complete project – new water treatment plant, new technological building, and reconstruction of the existing water works.


Barcs area – drinking water quality improving project

Drilling of horizontal well with 5.000 m3/day capacity, laying of 5022 metres of hard polyethylene pipe line (size: D280), 12548 metres of hard polyethylene pipe line (size: D160), 593 metres of hard polyethylene pipe line (size: D90), construction of settler with 313 m3 capacity, construction and extension of treatment building for water treatment technology and test running.


Reconstruction of water treatment plant, SRI LANKA

Reconstruction of the water treatment plants supplying drinking water for Colombo city at Kalatuwawa and Labugama, during operation


Containerized drinking water treatment systems

Design, manufacturing, transport and commissioning of containerized drinking water treatment systems 


Drinking water treatment with ultrafiltration technology

Implementation of drinking water system 

Pre-treatment of make-up water  for nuclear power plant

New, complex make-up water pre-treatment technology  and the design, manufacturing and transport of the connected main technological equipment

Power plant water treatment for solar power plant to the United Arab Emirates

Design, manufacturing and transport of fine desalinating producing system

Power plant water treatment in Kazahstan

Design, manufacturing and transport of fine desalinating producing system

Drinking water treatment for food industry

Production of drinking water with high quality for food industrial technology 

DRV Zrt. - Design and implementation of plant monitoring and control system

More than 1400 waste water-,  and drinking water installations (water works, wells, drinking water pumping stations, pressure intensifiers, reservoirs, sewage pumping stations, waste water treatment plants, etc.) were connected to the integrated process control systems. 

Északpest Waste Water Treatment Plant – Electric-, and control engineering of the nutrition removal project of waste water plant

Environmentally friendly, complex cleaning, waste processing and recycling technology is implemented on the plant with 200 000 m3 per day capacity.

Érd Area – Design and implementation of sewage pumping station network and odour reduction – complete planning and construction of  control engineering

More than 80 pieces of waste water drain system with sewage pumping and its complete electric and control engineering have been implemented: construction of electric-, and control technical equipment, instruments, meteorological stations and data transmission systems, displaying of the signals of sewage pumping stations in the integrated SCADA software.

Kis-Balaton – Implementation of Water protection system Stage II., plant control-, and monitoring system related to the project

The constructions of the globally unique water protection system which is suitable for walking on water imitation has major influence on the water quality of Balaton.

Ráckeve (Soroksár-) - Dredging of Danube branch (RSD) and streams, construction and renovation of civil engineering structures and monitoring system implementation

During this project a monitoring system (consists of several measuring stations, ground water monitoring wells and a central SCADA software) was implemented which is suitable for achieving and maintaining the good water condition of RSD and monitoring the surface-, and ground water quality. 

Keszthely – Capacity extension of waste water treatment plant and construction of the connecting sludge treatment structures and implementation of electric-, and control engineering

During this project the whole sludge line and waste water line have been modernized and the plant was expanded with a new plant part which is suitable for recovery of biogas.


Felső-Bácska – Drinking water quality improvement project – implementation of electric-, and control engineering of 16 water works 

Drinking water quality improvement project was implemented in 16 municipalities of Felső-Bácska region. 

MOL NYRT. Danube Oil Refinery, Százhalombatta – Implementation of electric-, and control engineering of the upper waste water treatment plant

Reconstruction of the waste water treatment plant which is in a 70% potentially explosive atmosphere. We consumed 165 km of cable during the construction. 


At the wastewater treatment plant at Keszthely we improved the existing technology while we reused the pieces as much as were possible while the facility continuously operated.  





Nagykanizsa Wastewater treatment plant expansion

During the project we accomplished the existing wastewater treatment plant development, where the capacity of the plant improved to 21250 m3/day, the average wastewater rate of charging flared to 885 m3/h and the operation and service buildings are renewed. 


Kis-Balaton Lake water protection system

From Zala river to lake Balaton (Keszthely’s bay) the running water water quality protection system’s facilities and the Kis-Balaton lake significant natural values protection systems are made from 3.34 billion Forint at very high level.





Zalaegerszeg, Zalavíz Zrt.

Potable water




Komárom, Almásfüzitő

The main goal at the realization of the main protection line at Komárom-Almásfüzitő was the desirable flood protection of the area. The flood jeopardise 60% of the populated area.

Soroksári Ráckeve branch of the Danube